The entire human race has an enemy, especially those of us within the body of Christ. This enemy of ours possess no power other than the power of deception in which he is a master. He is quite skilled at making the sour fruit look sweet, making what’s good look bad, and making what’s bad look good. Our enemy has a name, and it’s Satan, but I choose to use enemy because it keeps me in perspective of who he really is.

   This enemy has come for nothing but to steal, kill and destroy. He has one weapon in his arsenal which is deception and he uses deception seductively. As I look at our world today I see so many souls being seduced. Seduced by the the deceiving and false sense of security that fortune and fame bring. I don’t suggest that there is anything wrong with fame or fortune. God wants us to be prosperous and influential, but not at the cost of our souls.

   I see the enemy’s seductive tactics being received in every area, every aspect of human life on today. It looks as though he is winning this war, but it also looked as if he had already won when Jesus hung on the cross until He dropped His head and died, but on the third day He rose with all victory in His hand. Now, over 2,000 years later He is alive and well sitting at the right hand of our Heavenly Father.

   When Jesus ascended into Heaven to sit by our Father’s side, He sent back to Earth His Holy-Spirit for the benefit of every individual who will call upon the name of Jesus, and receive Him as Lord over their lives. The Holy-Spirit is here even now, to guide us, lead us, to give us wisdom and insight so that we won’t be deceived. God is still on His throne and He is still in control.

   So come to God wholeheartedly by excepting Jesus into your life. Pray without ceasing and study the word of God (The Bible) daily. Walk by faith (spiritual insight), not by natural eyesight and you WILL NOT get caught up in the enemy’s deception.



The Perpetual Fight

There is a fight going on around us at all times. This is a fight that’s not seen with the natural eye because the natural eye can not perceive that which is spiritual, and this indeed is a fight amongst the spirits. Just because our natural eye can’t see what’s going on in the spirit realm does not mean that we are not affected by this perpetual battle, and just because we can’t see in the realm of the spirit with our natural eye, does not mean that we can’t see spiritually.

See God made us humans in His image, therefore we too are three part beings: spirit, soul and body and it’s that spirit-man on the inside of us that’s able to see and connect with the things in the realm of the spirit. This power and ability don’t come naturally though. Just as our bodies need food and water to survive and thrive, that spirit-man on the inside has a need to be fed as well. We feed our bodies meat and potatoes. That spirit-man is nourished by the word of God (The Bible) and much, much prayer. The Bible tells us that men are always to pray.

The better we feed our bodies, the stronger they are, the more productive they are and the better equipped they are to fight off the disease that tries to enter into it. Our spirit-man is simular. The more we feed it, the stronger it gets, the more productive it becomes and the better equipped to fight off the disease of the wicked spirits that tries to enter in.

It’s impossible to win a fight when we can’t see our opponent, so we must be willing to step out of that deceptive darkness, into God’s marvelous light, which enables us to see, and empowers us to fight the good fight of faith and declare victory over the enemy.