Spring Time


I live in the state of Michigan where the winter’s are long, hard and cold. I guess this is why spring is my favorite season. Springtime is a time of refreshing, new-life, new-birth. The temperatures begin to rise and all the snow is gone. the ground begins to bear it’s fruit, the buds begin to sprout from the tree branches and the birds singing their praises to our Lord bring about a welcoming new sound to our mornings.

This is a time when us Michiganders slowly but surely begin to awake out of our hibernation and begin once again to enjoy the great outdoors. We give our dwelling places “inside and out” a thorough spring cleaning. We give are automobiles a thorough spring cleaning.

This is also the time of year when we here in the U.S.A. celebrate the death and resurrection of our Lord and Savior, which, within and of itself is the ultimate feeling of refreshing, and it just adds to all the refreshing newness of life that this spring season delivers unto us “THANK YOU JESUS”.

With all this refreshing and new birth going on, i can’t help but to take time out to reflect on the refreshing which is being done within me as i allow God’s word to raise the temperature on my inside so the bitter cold is removed. Then the ground of my heart is softened and begin to bring forth the buds that produce fruits of righteousness, then the birds of joy begin to sing within me, and this joyful new sound begin to flow out of me.

To God Be The Glory!!!

Yes, this is my favorite time of year,

Spring Time








Acts 17:28

For in Him (God) we live, move and have our being, as certain also of your own poets have said, for we are also His offspring.


I tried living, moving and having my being within and of my own self, and I actually thought that this was working just fine for me, until I tried living, moving and having my being in Him who created me, Him who knew me, called me, pre-destined me and purposed me before I was planted into my mother’s womb. This was by far the best decision that I ever made. I had never known True Love, True Peace or True Joy until I learned exactly who I am in my God. Having a true relationship with daily fellowship with my Savior has given me a greater understanding of me, the knowing that I am nothing without Him.

All Praise, Honor and Glory be to God


“Kingdom Business”


Thank you Jesus



91 Secret Place Way!!!

91 Secret Place Way…this is my dwelling place, this is where I choose to stay.

In-spite of what’s going on around me…In-spite of the attacks from the enemy…In-spite of the thick dark clouds that’s hindering my ability to see clearly.

91 Secret Place Way!!!

In this place…there’s plenty of space.

There’s much room…so it’s here that I invite you to come if within your life, you’re experiencing doom and gloom.

This place is not a secret to me, or to you…but it’s a secret to the enemy, and his crew.

So come on in, kick your shoes off and stay awhile…I know you’re tired of walking that green mile.

It’s here that you can abide under the shadow of the Al-Mighty…Him who opened blinded eyes and set the captives free.

It’s all right here at,

91 Secret Place Way!!

It’s here that you can find that peace which surpasses all human understanding…in the midst of a world so challenging and most demanding…a thousand shall fall at your side, ten thousand at your right hand, but you beloved shall remain standing.

But it’s only in here that you can get this kind of protection…and know, it’s all about relationship, not about religion and perfection.

So when, within your life the enemy is in hot pursuit…you don’t need a knife to cut, or a gun to shoot.

All you need is that spiritual ear, to hear, what the Spirit of the Lord has to say…and that spiritual ear can begin to get developed right here at,

91 Secret Place Way!!!


“Kingdom Business”



Division is poison to any team, and the relationship between man and woman is one of the most powerful and meaningful teams that one can be a part of here on Earth.It’s in this union, or team setting that very important insight and revelation are given in regard to obtaining that overcoming power.

See, division breeds dis-function, dis-function breeds lack, and when in lack our ability to make wise, productive and effective decisions are diminishes, because at this point we are more apt to allow that lack to distract. Once the enemy has us distracted, we have relinquished our power and given it to him.

Then this division, dis-function, lack, and distraction spills out into our communities which then breeds death, destruction, deception and hopelessness. This is where we are now, and our only hope is to cast out the evil spirit of division and usher in that loving spirit of unity back into the most powerful team on Earth, which is the team of family, which starts with unity between man and his wife.


“Kingdom Business”