Division is poison to any team, and the relationship between man and woman is one of the most powerful and meaningful teams that one can be a part of here on Earth.It’s in this union, or team setting that very important insight and revelation are given in regard to obtaining that overcoming power.

See, division breeds dis-function, dis-function breeds lack, and when in lack our ability to make wise, productive and effective decisions are diminishes, because at this point we are more apt to allow that lack to distract. Once the enemy has us distracted, we have relinquished our power and given it to him.

Then this division, dis-function, lack, and distraction spills out into our communities which then breeds death, destruction, deception and hopelessness. This is where we are now, and our only hope is to cast out the evil spirit of division and usher in that loving spirit of unity back into the most powerful team on Earth, which is the team of family, which starts with unity between man and his wife.


“Kingdom Business”






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