Hide the Word In Your Heart!!!!!!!!

This is an awesome testimony, and witnesses to the power and effectiveness of teaching our children God’s word from the very beginning of their lives.
BLESSINGS to you, your wife, children and grandchildren.

Levi's Daily Thoughts

We are having the pleasure to spend this week with our son Levi II, and Amy, and the adorable Miss Eisley (youngest Granddaughter) in Oregon. First an update on Levi II. He is comfortably recuperating at home since Sunday. He has his first doctors appointment next week since being released from the hospital. His spirits are great and he appears to be regaining his strength a little at a time. Just being home and Eisley saying “come on daddy” has to help. She is a ball of energy and never seems to quit until she konks out from exhaustion. She is too much fun for her Poppie to watch. She is just too cute!!!

From the day that she was born, every day, Levi or Amy have read to her from the Bible. We were in their home just a few days after her birth and Levi would bring her…

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