When Faith Is In Opposision To Common Sense!!!

   Common sense is good, I have nothing against common sense until that sense which is common try to interfere with a mighty supernatural move of God. See, I serve A God who is not common at all. His ways are much higher than the ways of us human beings, His thoughts are much higher than our thoughts. My God new the ending before the beginning, meaning, simply put; His scope of view is much broader than mine.

   I do use common sense in most cases, but  when all that’s within me, all that’s around me and all that seems common, suggest that I go one way, but that still, small voice (Holy Spirit) deep down within, says go another way…it’s  the still, small voice that I’m striving to obey.

   This is “FAITH” and faith propels us past that which is common to man, into a whole new dimension. There are many story’s in the Bible where God used an uncommon method to bring about a victory to His people, or even an particular individual. One of my favorite would be found in the book “1 Samuel  chapter 17, where God uses an uncommon method to bring about victory to both, His people and His newly appointed King.  This is a popular story. God uses a young teenage boy and his slingshot to defeat an oversize fighting champion, a seasoned worrier.

God is the same yesterday, today and forever more, so He will bring about victory in my life and yours; every area, every aspect, but we must be willing to stand, move, speak and operate according to God’s perfect “will”, even if this mean that we must stand, move and operate alone for a season. God’s “will” is not always pretty, comfortable or fun, nevertheless, God’s “will” is always the BEST place to be, because He is always right there with us, offering His LOVE, COMFORT and PEACE. It’s this faith that will allow the supernatural, uncommon move of God to manifest within our lives.

So I encourage you to use common sense, but when that still, small voice speaks deep down within you, trust and obey…and if that voice speak in opposition to that sense which common, then you must walk away…and let common sense stay… right where it lay.

Walk by faith, not by sight!!! Free yourself, come outside that fence…you don’t have to be bound by the political correctness of,

Common Sense.


“Kingdom Business”     




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