Communication / Prayer

Communication is a key component in any relationship. This is true even in our relationship with our Heavenly Father. God wants constant, perpetual communion with us, His children. Communing with God is called prayer, and prayer “really” do change everything.

Expressing one’s self is not the only component in communication. Listening is just as, if not more important than speaking. So in our communication (prayer time) with our Heavenly Father we must be willing, not only to unload it all on Him, but also to sit still enough, and quiet enough to hear what the Holy Spirit has to sat to us. Sitting still and quiet before our God is key to hearing His still, small voice. Finding that still, quiet place is very important because it is much harder to hear that still, small voice of God when our mind’s are full of noise, confusion and clutter.

Luke 18:1 “K.J”

And He (Jesus) spoke a parable unto them to this end, that men ought always to pray, and not faint.


“Kingdom Business”


7 thoughts on “Communication / Prayer

  1. Amen…in my marriage counseling my Fiancé and I learned how important communication is. People don’t always understand how important it is to listen, and in order to really hear from God to hear what He has to say to us we have to sit still and LISTEN. “Great Inspiration”


  2. Stacy,

    Thanks for inviting me to your blog!

    I agree, our lives will flip upside down and we won’t know where turn if we don’t communicate with the Lord. There is a spirit of seduction that is tormenting the church today. The only way we can combat the darts of wickedness is through constant communication with our Father. I am learning to listen twice as much as I speak (still not a pro though) so that my motives and agendas will fall away; so that God will be glorified in my life. Great post!


    P.S. My blog is Check me out!


    • Yes, you are absolutely right Levi. It’s beyond anything that I have experienced when I get a fresh revelation through scripture in my communication / prayer time with our Heavenly Father. Thank you, and God Bless you and yours…


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