Two Systems!!!

There are two systems within this world. One system would be the system of this world. (the world’s system) Which is the way in which it’s followers think, move and operate. Then there is God’s system. Which is the way in which it’s follower’s think, move and operate. It is much easier to follow after the world’s system, for it is the way of the majority. It’s not easy to stand boldly in the minority, but the the Word of God asks us a question: If God be for us, then who can be against us? This mean, if we are in God’s will, then He is for us, and this position is ultimately better, despite the hurtful, and sometimes lonely feeling of being in the minority.

God’s word also tells us that we were all born sinners; simply put, we were born into this “world’s system”. Once we reach the point of accountability there is a choice that we must make. To remain in the world’s system, or not to remain in the world’s system? This is the question! The longer we remain in the world’s system, the harder it is to break those chains. The world’s system though it seems fun and exiting, will bring you nothing but lack of fulfillment and a lot of unnecessary baggage. It is at the realization of this fact that many of us are willing to submit and surrender to the calling of our Savior.


The choice to cross over from the world’s system, to God’s system is not always easy to make…those first steps are not always easy to take…but fear not, walk by faith and move for goodness sake.


I don’t know who this is for, but, The Spirit of the Lord is talking to you, telling you that now is the time to switch systems, now is the time to bundle up all of the damage that was done to you by the world’s system, and bring it to the Throne of God, then leave it all there. It’s time to trade in all those ashes that were left behind by the fallen, broken system of this world and receive God’s beauty. Receive God’s peace, His Joy, His comfort, His love, His grace and His strength, so you can continue following hard and standing strong for God’s system even when standing in the minority, because actually, with God, you are the majority.

“Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done, here on Earth as it is in Heaven”



“Kingdom Business”



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