It’s not easy to be content with present conditions when God has shown you a vision of your future,

but yet, the Apostle Paul tells us that we can be content in whatever state that we’re in… “Philippians 4:11”

See, contentment in this sense does not mean that we must be satisfied in the darkness of our present condition, but rather, we don’t allow that darkness to dim the hope of the light that’s within us… “THE HOLY SPIRIT”

It is possible to allow the power of this light to burn within us to the point where it shine through us, then we are able to see God’s purpose even in that dark present condition.

It’s then that we are able to have peace in the process, on our way to that place of ultimate predestined purpose…




11 thoughts on “Contentment!!!

  1. I am learning that peace in the process of getting to where God is leading you and being content in His timing is essential to moving on to our “next step” whatever it may be. Peace to you! Lilka


  2. Yes Lilka, you are so right! Peace in the process is very essential, without it we are liable to faint in the midst of the process. Thank God for that peace which surpasses all human understanding!!!

    Blessings to you my sister…



  3. We can not know the plans of God. But he is always with us. He wants us to remember him in every moment. God only wants that we remember him in every moment and in exchange he gives us a lot of happiness. I just love him.



    • Dr.Diana, it bring about a strong sense of peace knowing that God is with us ALWAYS!!! And I too am growing more and more in love with Him daily 🙂 Thank you, and BLESSINGS to you my sister.


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