Kingdom Business!!!

Kingdom Business is not about me…Stacy T…my desire, my plan, or what I see…but it’s all about this vision that my God has placed on the inside of me…with the #1 priority being preparing souls for eternity.

This is not at all about how good i am…i was born a sinner, the son of Lois, the son of Sam.

This is all about how good my God is, see despite my sinful way…He reached down to the pit and spoke a word to me that His work is in lack in this last day.

So Kingdom Business is about doing what my God says to do…to the voice of the Holy Spirit remaining faithful and true…see, there are those who really want to know…but as far as where to go, they don’t have a clue.

It’s Kingdom Business to show “them” the Way, the Truth and the Life…this life of peace, love, joy and free from strife.

This is the life that I believe we all desire…but it can’t be obtained without the willingness to saturate ourselves in the Holy Spirit’s fire…by seeking the face of God relentlessly, without tire.

Within my life this has not quite been perfected…but my soul has surrendered, submitted and is now ready to be directed…see, i believe that we have all been called, chosen and elected;

But God can only use those who are “willing” to do, “wiling” to go, “willing” to say…those who are fervent in pray…those who will allow God to shape and mold them as a potter does his clay.

Kingdom Business is a movement, not without struggle, not without fault…but with the tenacity to continue the forward move, sharing what i’ve learned and teaching what i’ve been taught.

Utilizing the gifts that God has given me…shining as a light, helping the lost find their way into eternity…not really with profoundness of speech, or lavishly…but rather with simplicity.

Kingdom Business is on the move…preparing to hear that trumpet sound while dancing to a brand new groove…at this point there will be absolutely nothing else to prove.

All will be said and done…nowhere to hide, nowhere to run…for those who know, that they know, that they know…ohhh…what a glorious time, what fun, fun, fun.

Yep, it’s official, i’ve figured it out, for me there is no fulfillment, no joy like that of surrendering and submitting to that;

Kingdom Business

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