Second Wind!!!

The vision is still “BIG” and bright…I’ve still got it in clear view, it’s still in my foresight…working diligently to get it right…and every step of the way the enemy has put up one major fight.

My Lord, as I look back I can see that it was You…that has brought me through…in my darkest hour You showed me that Your Word is true.

Father I ask that You reveal Yourself to me a-gin…I need a,

Second Wind

I have so much more to do, so much further to go…I know…that I know…that I know…You allowed the trials so that I may grow…but my Lord I have grown weary in the process though.

You have brought me waaaaay too far to leave me in this hour…Father I need strength from on high, I need that Holy Ghost power.

Lord, I ask that, unto me You send…my

Second Wind

There is still so much left undone, so much left on my plate…but no matter how tired or weak I may get, Father I’ll stand, and on Your perfect timing I’ll wait…because in Your hands lies my destiny, my fate.

Breath upon me Father, breath upon me Lord, breath new life into me…breath in me in a way that the world may see…in You my Lord lies complete restoration, total victory.

As 2015 is preparing to begin…and 2014 is preparing to end…Father, I ask that You equip us all, as Your servants, with that mighty,

Second Wind!!!

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