He’s Here!!!


He’s Here,

The presence of the Lord is here,
His still small voice I can here,
it’s spoken ever so clear in my ear,

Even when this presence is not physically felt,
Caused possibly by the cards that our enemy has delt,

I stand in faith knowing that my God has not left me here to fight alone,
this faith provides peace and rest, so I’m in a zone,
not moved by those wicked hearts that the enemy has already turned to stone.

They can do what they will, they can do what they may,
as for me, I will continue to speak, thus the Lord say,
Knowing that His perfect will, will be manifest in His perfect time, and in His perfect way,
so until then I continue to pray, pray, pray.

Though my vision may not always be so clear,
still, as I walk through the valley in the shadow of death, I shall not fear,
because I know that, my God,

He’s Here!!!

10 thoughts on “He’s Here!!!

  1. perfect will in a a perfect way? Tell that to the parents of a 2 year old dying of cancer. You hear voices? Do they tell you to sell your belongings and give the money to the poor? Do they tell you to feed the hungry?



      Kingdom Business was birthed to encourage and inspire myself as well as others in faith.I do understand how Christ-less our world is becomeing, and this is why I come as a messenger of hope. I am not called personally to debate. I will leave that to my fellow brothers and sisters who are called to that area of ministry.I was called to just simply give an answer of my hope,(my belief, and why I believe). My short answer for that is: I was blind, but now I see.

      I have witnessed and ministered to several grieved parents of children from stillborn all the way up to adulthood. This would fit in the area of my poem which states: (Even when this presence is not physically felt, caused possibly by the cards that our enemy has delt).

      See, God is still in complete and total control inspite of “OUR” limited and flawed understanding. There are some things that we just wont get the answer too, until we get to heaven.

      No, I don’t hear “voices”, but I do hear “THE VOICE” of the Holy Spirit. This ability comes fairly simple (after accepting Jesus Christ as Lord). It’s developed just as you would develope a relationship, and that ear to hear the heart of those you love hear in the flesh, (Talking to Him continually, and studying His Person).

      When Jesus told the rich young ruler to go and sell all of his goods, Jesus was actually revealing the very heart of “THAT MAN”, to “THAT MAN”, which is why I believe God allowed that story to be published in the Bible, so we who are here today can take heed and not allow our own heart toward money be motivated by selfish desires.

      I go to work daily so that I can provide for and support my family, give to the poor and feed the hungry. I do admit that I probably could give more and do more, but please remember,we who believe are not perfect people, and God doesn’t expect us to be, but He do expect us to be ever learning and ever growing in Him.

      If you will allow me too, I would like to add you to my prayer list, (praying for God to reveal Himself to you in a mighty way). I also invite you to follow along here at “K.B.”

      Blessings to you!!!


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