Faith Is The Substance Of Things Hoped For, The Evidence Of Things Not Seen!!!

The enemy comes to still our hope and destroy our faith, he wants us to believe that our God is not in total and complete control of every situation, in every place, he wants our hearts to fear and the look of terror upon our face, the enemy wants us to run at his pace, but it’s in the process of waiting on God that we obtain  what’s needed that we may finish our race,

the enemy knows that he has already lost, but he don’t want to experience defeat alone, so he uses deception to knock you and I off of our God given earthly throne, it’s this deception that turns a warm and loving heart into a heart that’s cold as ice and hard as stone,

it may seem as though the enemy is someone to fear, but not if we have that spiritual ear, to hear,

what the Spirit of the Lord has to say, then commit ourselves to obey, continuing to pray, by faith living life God’s way,

we can’t lose hope, we can’t allow our faith to be destroyed by the enemy’s team, we must know that the darkness is not as dark as it seem, we must know that it’s God who gives us visions, it’s God who causes us to dream, we must know that;

Faith Is The Substance Of Things Hoped For, The Evidence Of Things Not Seen!!!

As I Walk Through The Valley In The Shaddow Of Death, I Shall Fear No Evil, Because Though Are With Me!!!

As I Walk Trough The Valley In The Shaddow Of Death,I Shall Fear No Evil, Because Though Are With Me!!!

Out utter darkness straight into your marvelous light, I surrendered my soul, my will, my might, in complete faith that You will be right here with me until I get it right,

my Lord You haven’t failed me yet, my faith is “DEEPLY” set, so I know that this too, shall pass and if I were a betting man, on this I would bet,

You have brought me through this valley of darkness before, and if this dark valley draw me closer to You my Lord, give me more, because I know there is great reward just the other side of this vally’s door,

Though there’s a lot that goes on in the darkness of this valley, things that make it hard for one to see, comig from everywhere are attacks from the enemy

my Lord I truly thank You, because with You I can walk by faith, not by sight,  when the storms come I don’t have to run in fright, Lord You set me upon eagles wings so that I may soar to a great hight, all while, my major battles, You stay and fight,

faith brings peace, peace brings rest, it’s in this place of rest that I obtain the tenacity to withstand the enemy’s best, and I know that there is no moving forward until I pass the test,

so my Lord, I am free, and free indeed, not free withn and of myself, but free in Thee, and this is why:

As I Walk Through The Valley In The Shadow Of Death, I Shall Fear No Evil, Because Though Are With Me!!!

Thank You Jesus…

Profound Revelation!!! (Don’t Be Deceived By The Ambiance Of Darkness)

I am a 2nd shifter, and as far back as I can remember the majority of my writing has been done late at night. I have always loved the night. I’m able to fully function in the night hours. So when I write, late night, I prefer the ambiance of minimal light.

Well, this worked fine until a few weeks ago when my eyes would begin to water, the words on the page would become blurred and I would get a slight headache (evidence of getting older :)). My very fist thought was that I would have to change my writing schedule from the p.m. to the a.m.. Then the Holy Spirit spoke to me gently, saying, if you gave yourself more light by turning on the bigger ceiling light then you’ll be O.K. (duuugh, that should have been my first thought).

Nevertheless, I turned on the bigger brighter light and haven’t had a problem since, but the Holy Spirit continued dealing with me in regard to this Light and darkness thing. He used my preference of the ambiance that is ushered in by using minimal light to reveal to me other areas of my life where I preferred the ambiance of the darkness rather than the truth of the Light.

I was then led by the Holy Spirit to 1 John 1:5 (amp)

And this is the message [the message of promise] which we have heard from Him and now are reporting to you: God is Light, and there is no darkness in Him at all [no, not in any way];

then I was led to John 3:19 (K.J.V.)

And this is the condemnation, that Light is come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than Light, because their deeds were evil.

Yes, I admit, I do like the ambiance of a dimly lit, romantic setting, but through this experience the Holy Spirit brought back to my memory, that in Heaven, we will live, move and have our being in the fullness of the Light of  God’s countenance, 24/7, where there is absolutely no darkness at all, and NO SIN. Now what greater ambiance and romance is there than this?

My Prayer:

Father God, I thank you for this revelation on Light and darkness in which you have graciously given to me. Father, forgive me for those dark areas of my life in which I love rather than Light. Father, give me the willingness and ability, through the power of the Holy Spirit which dwell within me to walk out of these dark areas straight into your Marvelous Light; in Jesus Mighty name I pray, AMEN…

Less Impressed

I have become less impressed…
by those things that we posses…
all the things that make us feel as though we’re blessed…
those things that make us feel as though we have achieved success…
I’ve become,

Less Impressed

With the big houses with more rooms that I would ever use…
See, at times it may seem as though we’re winning, but in the end we actually loose…
there is absolutely nothing wrong with possessing things, but it’s that deceptive sense of power and security that I choose to refuse.
So with these things I’ve become,

Less Impressed

Shifting is my paradigm…
the night is far spent, meaning, we’re running out of time…
so I’m here to encourage all who will listen, it’s not in the glamorous light of this world, but in the “True Light” of eternity that we need to be willing to shine.
This is why I’m,

Less Impressed

It’s not cool for me to spend all my time, effort and energy trying to gain the world but in the process end up loosing my soul…
don’t get it twisted, I like nice things, and this is why I’m investing in a city where the gates are pearl, and the streets are gold…
man, I’m bout that life, that’s how I like to roll.

With the situations and circumstances of this life I am far less stressed…
I’ve walked into a place of peace and rest…
content in whatever state I’m in, now that to me is truly blessed…
it all started when I sought “First” the Kingdom of God, and in return, with all the “deceptive” glamor,glitter and glory of this world I’ve become,

Less Impressed

“Kingdom Business”