Spring Time


I live in the state of Michigan where the winter’s are long, hard and cold. I guess this is why spring is my favorite season. Springtime is a time of refreshing, new-life, new-birth. The temperatures begin to rise and all the snow is gone. the ground begins to bear it’s fruit, the buds begin to sprout from the tree branches and the birds singing their praises to our Lord bring about a welcoming new sound to our mornings.

This is a time when us Michiganders slowly but surely begin to awake out of our hibernation and begin once again to enjoy the great outdoors. We give our dwelling places “inside and out” a thorough spring cleaning. We give are automobiles a thorough spring cleaning.

This is also the time of year when we here in the U.S.A. celebrate the death and resurrection of our Lord and Savior, which, within and of itself is the ultimate feeling of refreshing, and it just adds to all the refreshing newness of life that this spring season delivers unto us “THANK YOU JESUS”.

With all this refreshing and new birth going on, i can’t help but to take time out to reflect on the refreshing which is being done within me as i allow God’s word to raise the temperature on my inside so the bitter cold is removed. Then the ground of my heart is softened and begin to bring forth the buds that produce fruits of righteousness, then the birds of joy begin to sing within me, and this joyful new sound begin to flow out of me.

To God Be The Glory!!!

Yes, this is my favorite time of year,

Spring Time